"Still yet to enter its primacy, Dharmica Network is already beginning to transform how Dharmic digital content will be pursued well into the 21st century"
CEO, Dharmica Network

Who are we?
Although a newly incepted and young brand today, Dharmica Network is actually no stranger to Internet hosting and media services. Founded in 1998 as PXS.net (Pretty eXcellent Systems), Dharmica Network takes those experiences and innovations from the previous era into a fresh, new one of Internet digital media presentation and production.
Our objective
In summary, Dharmica Network is a promising Internet hosting and media content provider dedicated to proliferating Dharmic digital content and resources on the Internet, in homes, offices and community locations.
Our current course
Dharmica Network is emerging in new spaces, continuously exploring and gradually entering into the digital media industry and cinematic productions. With recent, new partnerships and production associations, Dharmica Network is expanding its network with film industry experts, creative artists, digital technicians, media developers and technology professionals.
Our core strengths
Below are our three core strengths (or main branches) in which Dharmica Network excels in to the highest global standards. Our emerging focus is in Internet digital media and film for the awareness of Dharma.
Internet Hosting
Digital Media Production
Design & Development


To help grow or modernise your Dharmic projects, our experts & leading partners can advise you on:
Internet Hosting
Our specialised hosting platform operates across highly-available, global data centres and cloud services, utilising A.I. and expert systems to maximise infrastructure resources.
Digital Media Production
Operating only expert A/V systems and professional media software, we produce premium grade digital content - from online 4K material to broadcasting standards production.
Design & Development
Our extensive network of designers, developers & media engineers enable us to build almost anything - from smart CCTV to cost-effective office systems to enterprise cloud services - we do it all.

Our Partners & Services Providers


Portfolio of some of our clients & partners


    Active sites on the only Dharmic dedicated Internet host platform on the planet
    Active media deliveries specialised in Dharmic online content & film production
    Active projects developing on world-class software & systems technology