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At Dharmica Network, we provide ‘contact management’ for our partners, affiliates, and service providers who are primarily involved in Dharmic projects and activities. Subscription is free and always will be.

What is Dharmica Network?

Think of us as a ‘contact broker’ which provides human resources and maintains a talent pool of people, communities and organisations for the sole purpose of advancing Dharmic projects. The online world, including the social media channels, is bursting with energies and passions to do amazing things for the cause of Dharma. Be it supporting the local temple, or helping build an Internet or TV channel, or promoting and spreading Dharmic awareness – it is without doubt that Dharmic conversations and interests are peaking globally online the most they ever have. Dharma is no longer a ‘topic’ discussed in temples or read up about in books only. For many, it is a ‘way of life’ just like the Internet is. We like to call this digital revolution – Dharma 2.0.

What is the main idea?

Networks are everywhere around us. From your Twitter followers to your Facebook friends and groups to your WhatsApp contacts, and beyond. Dharmica Network is not a social network – it is a resource network. Just like you may submit your details to a recruitment agency to allow them to approach you with job opportunities of interest, similarly Dharmica Network builds a contacts-base of skills and resources valuable to Dharmic organisations – allowing them to build their projects faster, extensively, and successfully, with scale where needed.

How is this relevant to Dharma?

Let us rewind back several thousand years or so when sages, seers and gurus of Dharma proliferated their knowledge, wisdom and divine messages through inscribed scriptures on parchment or stone – the then media of the times. How those messages spread throughout society and across civilisations was largely down to the Varna system. Fast forwarding to modern times – our digital age has transformed what, how and when we can access Dharmic ‘content’ – which is much more dynamic, on-demand and delivered to us instantly. Dharma 2.0 has been active for some time, but we believe the Internet is yet to become the primary vehicle for Dharma to propagate globally using digital content, i.e. text, audio, video, apps, etc.

Let’s listen to leading Dharmic figures embracing Dharma 2.0 today:

Video courtesy of Isha Foundation

(Video pending)

Video courtesy of TempleConnect

Our Subscription Levels

Dharmica Network employs a simple 3-tier resource operating model to interact and collaborate with its partners and associates as follows:

Level 1 – Those who initially connect with us, and those who largely support our objectives and wish to assist us through volunteering which may be short-to-medium term. Level 1 subscribers are typically contributors and/or supporters such as those with professional skills.

Level 2 – Those who are Level 1 and are partnered with us to provide their services, skills, their network and/or resources, and may wish to utilise our and their network to collaborate with our Dharmic projects and initiatives which may be medium-to-long term. Level 2 subscribers are typically developers, facilitators, and/or service providers such as those who create and propagate Dharmic content.

Level 3 – Those who are Level 1 and 2 and are partnered with us at a strategic, visionary and/or donor level, and are able to provide Dharmic direction for our projects and initiatives which are long-term. Level 3 subscribers are typically Dharmic leaders, scholars and/or progressive thought-leaders are able to advance Dharma 2.0.

For ALL three levels, the entry level is 1.

Our care for your personal data

Your personal data is completely safe with us. We assure you we will only use any submitted information to discuss with our approved admin team, and as necessary, contact you in relation only to Dharmica Network activities, services, opportunities and projects – which we believe may be of interest to you. You can contact us to remove your personal data from our systems at any time. You can read our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use to understand how we manage personal data.

How do I subscribe?

To begin your subscription, simply submit the following short contact form and we will be in touch:
Level 1 – Contact Form

Dharmo Rakshati Rakshitah!